Asparagus Mimosa




Here comes the `Spargelzeit` aka asparagus Season. This is a highlight in every `foodie calendar`. This is my first asparagus recipe as well on this blog as of this season. : ): ): )

Won`t be the last.!

If you talk about asparagus in the traditional German kitchen, it’s ALWAYS the white one, and I can’t wait for heavenly delicious oven roast asparagus with sugar, butter and wild garlic!

So good!! I’m gonna share this recipe soon.

Right now white asparagus still breeds under black foil to fasten the growing process. Unfortunately this technique still commends quite a price.

!Lucky me! – The green asparagus has been in the shelves for a while now, as it comes from southern Europe. Let’s celebrate in anticipation of the white gold coming to our plates with this dish.

Asparagus Mimosa

Let’s go for this French recipe which name comes from the white and yellow flower `mimosa`. Eggs Mimosa recipes are rumored to be around since roman times, so you could say, it’s a classic. ; )

For this dish you could also blanch, fry or grill the asparagus. In the classic version it’s just blanched and served with a mustard lemon dressing. However, I really wanted to try my favorite oven roast method on green asparagus and didn’t want any dressing on this, as it would just conceal the fine flavors of the asparagus. The roasting method preserves the juices and flavors of the asparagus in the best way possible. Some sugar and butter will boost the flavors to unknown heights. The tarragon makes this dish very special and adds another layer of flavor. If you like asparagus as much as I do and don’t take this as a side dish you could easily double the amount even for just 2 servings.

So simple, so delicious!



Asparagus Mimosa


  1. 1 bunch of green asparagus (500g)
  2. 2 free range eggs
  3. 50g butter
  4. 2 tbsp olive oil
  5. 1 tbsp capers preserved in salt (salt washed of and drained)
  6. 1 small tbsp superfine sugar
  7. 1 tsp sea salt
  8. Pinch of black pepper
  9. 1 tbsp roughly chopped tarragon leaves


Start with preheating your oven to 220°C/420°F.

Wash the asparagus then break of the lower, hard part. (By holding the asparagus in your hand and then breaking of the hard ends with your thumb - this trims the asparagus perfectly).

Boil the eggs for 9 min and chill in cold water afterwards to fasten the cooling process. Once cool enough to handle, peel and grate the eggs on a fine grater or press through sieve.

While the eggs are cooking arrange the asparagus on a baking tray in one layer, evenly sprinkle with the sugar, sea salt, black pepper and little butter pieces. Mix all the ingredients and roast in the oven for about 15 min (they should be browned just a little bit, if not, just leave them a little longer in the oven, or give them a short stir fry in a pan).

Arrange the asparagus on a plate and top in the following order with, grated egg, capers, and olive oil.

Finish with a dash of black pepper, sea salt and finally the tarragon leaves.



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