Silesian apple dumplings, 3 ways


Silesian apple dumplings, 3 ways

As days are getting colder you crave for food to soothe your heart. Now is the perfect time for a Silesian specialty and an original recipe from my great-grandma. Time for a ‘Mehlspeise’ (German word for an often sweet main dish containing flour –‘ Mehl’ – as one of the main ingredients) like Dampfnudels or Silesian apple dumplings. Apple dumplings may seem kind of old fashioned but it’s one of those recipes that will never stop to amaze with ultimate timeless perfection.

1 dough – three possibilities

Start with the cooked version on the first day, leave some of the dough for a breakfast pancake the next day and finally have the best of it with the rest of it – sliced and fried. This just keeps getting better!! : )
So easy to make, lasts for at least two days and will be a classic on your table before you know it. Serve the dumplings with brown butter and cinnamon sugar (toasted breadcrumbs are a nice addition) –this is sheer awesomeness!

Even though it’s a sweet dish, you shouldn’t treat it as a dessert! It’s perfectly paired with Butterhead lettuce salad with sweet cream dressing!! – serve it on separate plates of course.



Silesian apple dumplings, 3 ways


  1. 4 medium apples (Boskop, Cox Orange or any other good tart apple), about 700 g, peeled and diced 0,5 cm/ 0,2 inch
  2. 300 g Flour
  3. 3 Organic / Free Range Eggs
  4. 1 tbsp sugar
  5. 1/2 tsp salt
  6. 100 ml milk
  7. 30 g melted (but not hot!), unsalted butter
  8. Brown butter and cinnamon sugar to serve


How to: Brown butter

Brown butter is one of those shortcut ingredients to great cooking. Just take the whole package of butter for this. You may need only about 100g of butter for the apple dumplings but it’s easy to store in the fridge and can be used with loads of things like white fish, roasted vegetables, risotto, cakes - the possibilities are endless, this will definitely come in handy!

Melt butter in a thick-bottomed skillet on medium heat. Watch it carefully, first the butter will foam up a bit, then lightly browned crumbs will begin to form at the bottom of the pan. Use your nose to smell if the brown butter is finished, it should have nutty aroma (depending on the temperature, it will take about 6-8 minutes). It’s very easy to overcook the butter from browned to burnt. If the butter starts to blacken you’ll have to start all over again! Remove from heat to completely stop the cooking and use as it is or strain the butter for a more refined result through a very fine sieve or paper towel (I suggest to keep the solids - that’s where all the taste is).

Use brown butter immediately or store in the fridge (up that least 8 weeks) for later use.

Apple dumplings

Whisk the eggs together with sugar, salt and butter until light and airy. Add the flour and mix until incorporated. Now add the apples and stir until all the apple pieces are nicely coated. The dough should be quite firm at this point! Let it rest for at least 20 min.

Bring lightly salted water to a boil in a very big pot. Reduce the heat, the water should simmer rather than boil.

Use two big wet tablespoons to cut out the dough and to form dumplings, directly pop them into the water. After 9 minutes fish out one dumpling and check if the center is done, if it’s still runny cook for 5 more minutes. They should be swimming at the surface once they are done. Take the dumplings out using a slotted spoon drain and top with brown butter and cinnamon sugar.

brown butter

brown butter

silesian-apple-dumplings 2

silesian-apple-dumplings 3

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